Red Faction Part 3

Since it takes a week and a day to get new Gamefly games, and I got Mass Effect recently to do some achievement cleanup, I’m really trying to finish RF:A off. I finished the story missions today on Insane, then went back into New Game Plus on Casual to clean-up there. It is much easier to kill things with your maul or search for little green data chips when you aren’t running for your life. Since you can buy cheats for your second playthrough, you have a choice- play Insane then cheat Casual to just cleanup, or play Casual then cheat Insane. I don’t think it has an effect on the achievements.

So what do we have today?

Red Faction: Armageddon 19 achievements for 425 GS. Whew.

Old Friends, Older EnemiesKnock, KnockLossesOne Big, Ugly Motha…Secret Achievement

These are for completing the story line. There are actually three “boss” fights… leading me to ask… why the heck didn’t we do the last one first???

Hold StillZero G War On casual, with a fully upgraded Shockwave, those creepers pop like popcorn. Seriously. That’s the sound they make. Kill 6 in one Shock and kill 50 overall.

Money Well SpentMartian Can Opener Buy a full ring, then all the upgrades.

Exterminator Kill 100 pods while piloting the mantis. When you’re working into the old Ultor temple, you’ll wade through the things. Just go into target acquisition mode (LB) and kill anything yellow.

Back At Ya! When Shell is fully upgraded, their attacks bounce back at them. Kill an enemy with its own weapon.

That Coulda Gone BetterI Need A Nap Complete the campaign on Hard and Insane difficulty (both unlock if you just do Insane).

What Is Best In Life?When not using the maul, shoot the little creepers once or twice then step on their heads with the melee button (RS) 25 times.

Lock And Load With a fully upgraded Berserk, your nano-forge will keep itself full as long as you are killing things. It actually doesn’t take a whole lot to do 21 seconds, maybe 7 or 8 enemies.

Chronicler 40 green audio logs are hidden throughout the world. The ones I missed in the Insane playthrough were all in the first couple levels. For the most part, they’re all on your path or where you’ll have to do minimal searching. Just remember to either level the towns or search each house in Bastion and other cities.

Crusader Kill 175 in a LEO exoskeleton- LEOs are available a couple different times. The first being while taking the ambulance through the caves near the beginning. It’s off to the side about half-way up. I missed it in my first playthrough, and it would have made things A LOT easier. I also ended up breaking the suit on the Market level where you get the second one, so I got the majority of this on the Casual run.

Hit 'N RunRam an enemy with the flier. The first time you get a flier, the first enemy is hanging on the wall to your left after some twists turns and taking out infected buildings. Just nudge him with the nose of your flier and he’ll splat on your windshield. Not really, but that would be cool.

Cheater! Finally, after beating the campaign on any difficulty, you unlock “New Game Plus” which lets you start a new game with all your weapons, all your upgrades, a farting unicorn that acts like a plasma beam (I don’t get it either), and you can buy cheats for upwards of 5,000 salvage. Buy one and pop this achievement. I bought unlimited ammo for my assault rifle because EVERYTHING is killable with the assault rifle on Casual. If I get enough (10k) I’ll get instant nano forge recharge.

What’s left? I thought I’d killed one enemy of each type with the maul, but it didn’t pop, so there are two possible explanations. 1) I didn’t actually kill the larger guy (not the behemoth) with the maul, but he exploded. 2) You have to actually kill them with only the maul… but I think I did that on Behemoth Jr., and I just did it on a Behemoth (thank goodness for Casual… lol).

I have to kill 5 enemies with one LEO shoulder bash (LB). This is actually kinda difficult for me, because they never seem to want to line up. I’m hoping there is another LEO level before I finish this playthrough though, because I’m not really wanting to play through a 3rd time… or even finish the 2nd if I don’t have to… I almost cried at the end. lol (Girl thing, I guess).

The rest are for the multiplayer, Infestation- finish one wave on each map, finish waves 1-10, 1-20, 1-30 on one map, finish a four player game beyond wave 9 with nobody bleeding out, and revive 25 friends. All but the last 2 seem to be easier to do solo, offline. I guess there are just too many people out there who don’t understand point and shoot. I think I’ll give it one more day and send the game back Wednesday if I don’t finish it.

Notes from the end-ish of the game-

While riding the barge, you’ll come across a whirlpool. Disregard the enemies, and focus on the shield mechanisms around the outside first. After that, hit the tops of the legs, because hitting the bottoms will only take out half of what you need.

While rolling through with your napalm laser, turn target acquisition off every now and then to watch some amazing colors in the graphics.

When scaling the mountain to kill the queen, run, throw up shell, kill everything you can, and when the shell drops, run again. You don’t necessarily have to kill everything, and if you wait too long, you’ll get swarmed.

While fighting the queen, Shell blocks all the queen’s attacks. Just remember that.

Finally, at the end, the timer stops when a transformer goes down, so keep them up with repair grenades as soon as one dies. They are more important than killing things, unfortunately.

Also, don’t stand in lava. It hurts.


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