Red Faction Part 2

Did quite a bit in the story today between an ethics paper, a feisty toddler and a short jaunt into Mass Effect. I’m really kinda liking this game. Just when shooting people gets tedious, it throws you into the LEO Exosuit, a walker, or a flier to continue doing battle in a new way. I’m currently in a flier in the electrical mainframe, which requires good handling while trying not to let the aliens blow you up. There is a good mix of old-fashioned shooter and tactical abilities in the form of the nanoforge.

So my haul for the last couple days is pretty significant- 14 achievements for 240 GS.

Things Fall ApartSurvival Of The FittestI'm All You've GotWeather The StormMust Go FasterPlan BFamily Business

These are all completed through story mission completion.

Killing the Behemoth in Red Faction: Armageddon

When facing the behemoth for the first time, I had the Rocket Launcher, Plasma Beam, Plasma Cannon, and Magnet Gun on hand. It took several attempts to get him down. Keep dodging, don’t stay behind cover too long, and try to get him stuck behind the one stone pillar that is just to the side of the infected building. It’s the one thing he can’t run through, and you can use the corner to shoot at him.

The next time, you’ll meet a few in the caverns while in the walker. Use the corners again, this time shooting around corners with the chain lightning, then popping them with the heavy lasers when they peek around the corner, then retreat to the next corner. Watch for “respawns” behind you if you retreat too far.

Eventually you’ll get my new favorite gun- I don’t remember the title right of hand, but I call it the Singularity Rifle. Maybe because I’ve been playing Mass Effect, maybe that’s actually the name. Either way, it shoots a black hole and explodes. Fire them into rift points to kill all the aliens trying to come out at once. Fire several at a behemoth, and finish it off with the Plasma Beam.

My typical loadout is now Singularity, Plasma Beam, Assault Rifle, and… I don’t remember now. I have all the upgrades available for now for bigger mags and more ammo from boxes, so I rarely have to switch weapons because of ammo shortage. I use Impact and Shell quite a bit, with Shockwave for Wraiths, but I never remember to use Berserk.

Crack ShotKill a wraith before it re-stealths- I think I did this during Infestation while swinging wildly with a maul. I’m pretty sure the maul has some sort of Martian-bane effect on it.

SalvagerNanergy!Keep finding salvage- 200 piles and 25,000 total.

LiftoffDid this during “Defend the Red Faction” on the surface. Hit a bug, then hit the mountain off to the right in the distance.

Catch!Fling debris back at a tentacle. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to catch it. I don’t think it even has to be debris it threw first… but during “Defend the Red Faction” you’ll have plenty of time to try it out. There are a lot of tentacles in the canyon.

HaymakerKill 5 with 1 impact. At one point you are sent through caverns to destroy a bridge then bring down the cave. At this point several little creepers keep coming at you, and this is the perfect time to unleash impact. You will probably even get this by “accident.”

Martian Drive-Bykill 100 enemies in the Walker. Again, as long as you kill most of the enemies you face, which you should be killing pretty much everything you face if you want to survive, you’ll get this one no problem. I’m not sure if lower difficulties have fewer enemies, or just lower hp though. I’m playing on Insane, so you may need to kill more than one level worth.


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