Random Check In

Just wanted to check in with everyone and point you to a new treasure I found- Cargo Bridge. It’s on the Google Chrome App store and is a great physics based game about building a bridge so your little guys and their elephants don’t fall into the canyons below. Just a warning- don’t ever walk on a bridge I designed. They are mighty ugly.

Been continuing with Red Faction Armageddon on Insane, and got stuck again, this time fighting a massive Behemoth. Started a (2nd 3rd 4th 10th) playthrough of Mass Effect to clean up some achievements and set up some stories to take into 2 and then 3 to see how the stories all pan out with different options. I plan on doing this first as a male, pure biotic with Ashley and the quarian, romance with Ashley, and being close to pure renegade. In the 2nd, I’m not sure which romance option I’m going to go with yet. Second will be my pure engineer, with Wrex and Liara, which will take some of the options not taken with the first. This one will be a Liara romance, followed in 2 with somebody else. Finally, I think the third will be an infiltrator, because I really don’t like the soldier class in either game.  She’ll be my pure paragon war hero with Kaidan and Garrus, with a relationship w/ Kaidan. In 2, she won’t stray because I hear in 3, there will be a special segment for people who didn’t “cheat” on their ME1 love in ME2 (which apparently 90% did, since none of the romance options in 1 were still options in 2).


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