Portal 2 for Parents

Portal 2

For the Parents-

Physical- some hand-eye coordination, particularly when going above-and-beyond for some achievements, like breaking the monitors. Some of them require some finesse in the aiming.

Emotional/Social- Creativity, albeit creativity designed by the game developers, is a must, since not only is this a logic game, but one requiring a “think out of the box” mentality. In co-operative play, leadership may come into play to get your partner to do what you want him to, and social skills are always practiced when there is more than one person logged in.

Mental- this game is first and foremost a puzzle game. Finding the solution to the puzzle is how you progress, and sometimes the puzzles can really make your brain sweat. Progression is well timed, introducing new elements along with easy puzzles to teach, then getting harder until the next element is introduced. By the end, every tactic you have learned is brought together like a massive, entertaining, awesome final exam.

History/civics/politics- Not much to speak of.

Profanity- None that I remember, though Mr. Johnson does have that typical ’70s male swagger.

Violence- only against drones, no humans.

Nudity- none

Morality- no right/wrong decisions to make.


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