Portal 2

Oh… It’s you.

Portal 2

I’ll have an actual review up once I’ve done a bit more, though I think I’m closer to the end than the half-way point right now. Some of the puzzles are a bit frustrating because you have to go so far out of the way to get the piece you need, when typically everything is fairly contained. A couple plot twists here and there, nothing too big, really. GLaDOS makes her return in the first level, and the voice acting for Wheatley is hilarious. GLaDOS isn’t too bad herself, tossing insult after insult in that deadpan synthesized voice.

Today’s haul: 15 achievements for 185 GS. They are mostly level based, but the Overclocker was done by getting one level done in under 70 seconds.

Wake Up CallYou MonsterUndiscouragedScanned AloneGood ListenerBridge Over Troubling Water

SaBOTourOverclockerTunnel of FunnelStalemate AssociateVertically UnchallengedTater Tote

Stranger Than FrictionWhite OutDual Pit Experiment

I’ve skipped a lot of the “optional” achievements for now, because they are vague, and I don’t want to have to go to an achievement guide until I’ve finished the game. This is definitely the type of game you want to say you’ve beaten without cheatin’.

So, I have a final essay due Monday, and a Glee concert to go to tomorrow night, so I may or may not finish the solo missions tomorrow. Also, I may or may not do co-op at all. At least not now. I may re-rent it when Chris gets home to co-op with him, but I don’t particularly like having to rely on someone I don’t know to play a game with me. So, without co-op, these are the achievements I have yet to get:

Smash TVPit BossDoor PrizeSchrodinger's CatchFinal TransmissionDrop Box

Preservation of MassLunacyThe Part Where He Kills YouShip OverboardPortrait of a LadyYou Made Your Point

No Hard FeelingsPturretdactyl

So I’m about half-way done with what I want to do, and the extra ones shouldn’t take long to knock out once I finish the game.


Completed the single player game early yesterday, before all the hullabaloo. (Grandmother was in town, went to a BBQ Competition, then out to dinner and GLEE live… then I was sick and took a 6 hour nap today.) Went back and finished up all the extra single-player achievements.

Today (and yesterday) the total is: 11 achievements for 220 GS for a total of 19,537 GS.

Smash TVDoor PrizeSchrodinger's CatchFinal TransmissionDrop BoxShip OverboardPreservation of MassPortrait of a LadyYou Made Your PointNo Hard FeelingsPturretdactyl

The voice acting in the game is hilarious, even though the main character (you) never speaks. (“You know what my days used to be like? I just tested. Nobody murdered me… *spoiler removed*… I had a pretty good life. And then you showed up. You dangerous, mute, lunatic.”) GLaDOS, Wheatley, and Cave Johnson, the founder of Aperture Science, are the funniest video game characters I’ve heard in ages.

The puzzles are clever, and the new ability reveals are smooth. There was one part that I stared at for over an hour, knowing what I had to do, but clueless as to how to do it. Sometimes I forgot you could go through portals both ways. (Dumb, but true.) All in all, the graphics were good, the gameplay was simple, easy to learn, hard to master, sort of stuff. The music and dialog were awesome.

My only complaint is that single player was so short. I finished it all in, effectively, two gaming sessions, so maybe 10 hours? I haven’t done co-op which would, obviously, extend the play time, but I’m not so interested in playing with people I don’t know. Maybe if I could actually do split-screen with myself? I don’t know if it’s possible to complete that way, but if I have time before I drop it back in the mail, I may try it.

This was the level that I had to use a little “extra help”… but don’t look! This picture shows the extra help!! lol Also, breaking this monitor was the most infuriating of all of them.

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: The Itch - Test 16 - The Three Turrets from the Portal 2 - The Itch image gallery


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