OXM Demos

Ran a couple demos from the OXM magazine. There are still a couple to run, but I want to get at least one achievement in before bed.

MLB 2K11

I apparently suck at baseball games. Granted, I haven’t played one in probably a decade, and I didn’t have any instructions to go off, but the game could have been nicer to me and actually taught me how to play. There are interesting bits, like showing how you actually swing or pitch after you screw it up, you can hear the crowds doing cheers, and you see when the ball is breaking outside the strike zone (mostly). The graphics are decent, but like most games, the faces are horrid. The game also randomly holds on a player’s face for no real reason, and sometimes the characters slide around into position, instead of repositioning their feet. Also, have I said I suck? I doubt it is some “this game is ridiculously hard” problem, and more the rust on my baseball skills.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga

There is a mild character customization engine. You can pick your sex, your face, your hair and voice. Why is it, though, that girls have faces like “seductress” and “sorceress” and hair like “sensual brown,” where men have “5 o’clock shadow,” “mustache,” and “military brown?” If girls are just as “strong” and “dexterous” and can also kill dragons, why must we be categorized in sex terms? Anyway, the biggest issue I had was in how ridiculous you look when you run, in either body. Running up a hill you look like a gimped pimp. Like above, faces are not so great and lips don’t match with voices, but I may have to wait for L.A. Noire for something I actually like in that category. It looks like a decently deep RPG with interesting concepts (splash screens mentioned something along the lines of collecting body parts so your necromancer can build your creature), but I have seen rumors that the game itself is essentially broken. Sometimes it will just kick you out of the game, broken. Also, the difficulty is said to be oddly structured, where one second you are kicking butt, the next you’re dead. I couldn’t get too far in the demo because the doors were broken- they were either not shown or solid rock wall, and wouldn’t open so I could go through.

You Don’t Know Jack

Standard irreverent trivia game. I wish you could skip all the blabber between questions, because it does get rather annoying. However, I may end up renting this, just because I enjoy trivia. I’ll just have to mute it.

D&D Daggerdale

Also, I’ve been playing this for two days now, and I’m getting pretty bored with it. I’m hoping it’s just the class I’m playing. One achievement is to get all four classes to level 10, so once I hit 10, I’ll be trying out a different class. I hope it is different enough. It feels very WoW to me… which is exactly how I describe 4.0, come to think of it. You basically just run around following the little arrow on your map until you kill enough of **** bad guys, then turn the quest in. Find loot, sell your crap. Not really any thought that needs to go into it or tactics to try. Of course, if you like WoW, you may like this.


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