LEGO Rock Band

LEGO Rock Band

LEGO Rock Band- figured I’d knock a couple easy ones out tonight after stressing over a paper I didn’t really finish.

Brian MAY Be Jealous 100% a guitar solo on Expert- I did this on Swing, Swing by the All-American Rejects. The song is rough if you don’t play expert, but LEGO RB doesn’t fail you out if you suck, so just keep at it until the solo comes up, and the solo itself uses only the first four buttons, so if you can rock on medium, it’s in the bag. Achievement pops at the end of the song. (20 pts)

Flawless Groove 100% bass, did it on Song 2 by Blur on medium, just because I like that song. WOO-HOO!! (20 pts)

Flawless Fretwork 100% guitar, tried three times on So What by Pink on Medium, but got so distracted singing along (because it’s such a catchy tune) that I kept missing the same stinkin’ green note in the fake solo. Finally switched to We Are The Champions by Queen on Medium. (20 pts)


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