LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1-4

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Just got this one on Gamefly today. I haven’t played long, but I can talk about a few points. Even when I buy a game, I don’t read the instruction manual unless I am going to be sitting around not at home for a while. It’s irritating that the game doesn’t tell you how to do certain things- like turn in red blocks, or how to achieve True Wizard. The red blocks go to special owls, and I still don’t actually know how to get True Wizard. I think it is a combination of opening/shooting everything and collecting the caps.

Building BlocksGhostly TreasureWatch Out! Today: 3 for 60 GS

So the first, if you go back to Diagon Alley after you’ve gotten 10 gold bricks or so, you get all the way down to Gringotts and inside, you have 10 bonus levels, each giving you a gold brick. In the second one, you have the option to “learn to be a builder.” If you complete all four of these cheesy tutorials on making your own world, you get Building Blocks for 30 GS. I got as far as the 5th puzzle, but didn’t have a character needed to solve the puzzle yet. You’ll need 50 gold bricks to do all 10 bonus levels.

The second is Ghostly Treasure (15GS) for collecting 500 ghost studs. The ghosties leave these in a trail behind them to show you how to get from story to story. Shouldn’t take long at all to collect them. The red block to “pick up ghost studs” was the first I found (outside Herbology) but I hadn’t even turned it on when the achievement popped, so I’m thinking you don’t need it to get the achievement.

Finally, Watch Out! In the first mission when Hagrid is taking you through the bank, there is a minecart right after the goblin opens the gate for you. Ride it around knocking over the wizards, Harry and Hagrid, and it will pop quickly. (Knock over 10 characters using a ride-able object)

So far, this game seems to be more of the same LEGO games I’ve seen before (Batman, Star Wars). Of course, I’m a bit bigger a fan of Harry Potter than Batman, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones, so I’m getting more enjoyment out of this one than I did the others.

I sent CSI: Hard Evidence back today, so in a month or so, I should get my next game from Gamefly (grumble grumble slow-pokes), and hopefully it will be something good and recent… c’mon LA Noire!


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

So first, my haul for the day: 5 achievements for 170 GS. Three were story related- complete years 1, 2 and 3 in story mode. The other 2 were to freeze 20 characters using the spell “Glacius” which can be bought at Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley, and defeat 20 spiders with Ron, which shouldn’t be hard if you just switch to Ron when there are spiders. In all, this brings me up above 21,000 total Gamerscore.

JuniorSeniorPrefectChilled outArachnophobic

A couple quick things about this game- there is a great listing of all the collectibles (for those on a schedule) here. Also, if you get stuck at the basilisk, here’s a quick walkthrough for you:

It was hours ago, and I forgot to write anything down, so I could be a little off, but first you need to get the basilisk to break the rock walls for you by standing in front of them. After that, attack him until he goes under water. (Put the three instruments together for a piece of the puzzle.) After that, go left and attach the chains to the pipes, and your AI/co-op buddy will help you pull the pipe down. Play Mario and hop in. You’ll be able to get the Gryffindor Sword from the Sorting Hat and kill the basilisk from the top of the statue.

All in all, if you like LEGO games, and you like Harry Potter, this is a worthwhile game. Unfortunately, since there is no dialogue, and there is minimal story-telling, if you don’t know the story behind the game, you’re not going to learn it here, and you may even be lost a bit. I don’t remember parts and felt confused.

My tip for you tonight- find the red block in the fountain courtyard outside Herbology ASAP and turn it in at the Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley. Every time you go from story to story, you can walk to a ghost to have him show you the way, and he’ll drop a trail of ghost studs. If you have that block, buy it, and activate it through the start menu, you can pick up his ghost poop studs, and each is 1k or 2k. Easy money.


So I caved and bought L.A. Noire today, figuring that with DLC and such I’d probably have the game for a while anyway. I want to get LEGO Harry Potter out of the way before I start it though.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4Today’s haul: 5 achievements for 210 GS

Story Complete!Teacher's petHead BoyBoo!Back in Time

The first three are effectively for the same things. I suppose the second is specific to non-co-op, but by finishing the story, I got 190 GS. The only ghost I had until about 20 minutes ago was Professor Binns, so I drank some Polyjuice at the entrance to the Ravenclaw dorm and floated around hitting X until I had scared 20 kids. I also used Hermione to use the Time Turner in the Gryffindor bedroom to get the last one. The only thing I have to say, review-wise, that I haven’t already is that sometimes the camera angles are ridiculous. Other than that, and the glitches which are typically documented, the game plays well. I still don’t have a Dark Magic character, so I need to find one so I can continue getting 100%.

Sometimes you need special characters to do something. Dark Magic characters are Barty Crouch Jr., Deatheater, Macnair, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, Professor Quirrell, Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort, and Professor Snape. The only character that can use a key is Griphook the Goblin. Book characters can use the symbols on bookshelves- Hermione, Dumbledore (both versions) and McGonagall. Strong characters pull chains (anyone who drinks a strength potion is strong) and include Hagrid, Fang, and all Viktors. Finally, only Fang and Crookshanks (Hermione) can dig. If you have one of each of these types in Free Play, you should be able to complete them all at 100%. To get into the respective dorms (and occasionally puzzle solutions) you may have to dress like a member of that house.

The good news is once you finish a story mission, you can free play it, and unlock EVERYTHING you missed, including True Wizard… which I think may just have to do with how many studs you pick up in a mission. Hopefully I’ll finish this soon. I have Game Informer, the Playstation Magazine w/ Skyrim cover I talked about a couple days ago, and the newest OXM to read/ play demos for as well.


I should have this finished up by Monday… with my Papa’s service tomorrow and a three page paper to write Sunday, should still get it done. Then I can start in on L.A. Noire.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4Today’s Haul (LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1-4) 5 achievements for 105 GS

Quiet Please!Lumos SolemDefeating the ObjectCrest CollectorCrest Fanatic

First one, go to the menu and turn down the volume, turn off the music while in the library. I did it during the “Restricted Section” quest.

Second, destroy 50 Devil’s Snare. I’m sure I skipped a lot of them on my general run-through, so I don’t know if you can get this to pop with just story missions once through or not.

Third, defeat the troll (2nd quest) using Quirrell. I did this with Quirrell (Voldemort). The interesting thing is… there’s an achievement for defeating Quirrell (Voldemort) with Quirrell, but Quirrell (Voldemort) doesn’t work for that. Quirrell (Voldemort) is apparently Voldemort 100%. Also, Quirrell (Voldemort) does not speak Parseltongue, which I think is ridiculous.

The last two are for completing all the school crests in all the missions in years 1 and 2 respectively.

So, yes. I did finally get a dark wizard. The first I got was Snape, in his office (wish I had known)… you have to find/buy Griphook first though.


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4Final score- 36/36 achievements, 1000GS

Use this guide for 100%:

Overall, if you like LEGO games and/or Harry Potter, this is a worthwhile game. The guide I used pointed out some glitches, but other than transparency issues now and then, I had no problems. Perhaps they’ve all been fixed. Some notes I took during the game- if you don’t know the story, you won’t learn it here. Sometimes I couldn’t tell what was happening because the story isn’t fresh in my mind. Camera angles can sometimes be a bit annoying, like when platforming, but overall they aren’t bad.

I did my playthrough by going through all four years quickly to get the final spell- Reducto- which is required to get a lot of the extra stuff. After that, I got my dark magic character and key character, then did 100% of the story missions before getting the random stuff from Hogwarts itself. Looking back, I probably would have saved some time if I had gotten all the red bricks from Hogwarts before doing 100% of the stories, but it wasn’t a big deal.

These are for completing the stories, and getting 100% of the items.

JuniorSeniorPrefectHead BoyTeacher's petStory Complete!

Crest CollectorCrest FanaticUltra CollectorThe Ultimate CollectorStud MagnetPower Up!

Student RescueThe Bonus Level is YoursYou're the Best

These are for defeating (or something like it) a certain number of enemies.

Watch Out!ArachnophobicChilled outBoo!Lumos SolemMuggle Trouble

Good Dog

First is to knock over 10 characters with a rideable object. This should unlock during your playthrough, but if you ever find a ride that lets you knock people over, just keep knocking the same ones over, and you’ll be fine.

Second is to kill 20 spiders with Ron. I believe I did this on Follow the Spiders. You can sit there and let the spiders keep respawning until it pops.

Third, freeze 20 w/ Glacius. You can buy this on Diagon Alley. Just freeze the guys walking down the street until it pops. This is the only spell you “need” to buy from the store.

Once you unlock a ghost, use polyjuice potion to become him/her, then hit X to scare students.

Kill 50 Devil’s Snare. There are a lot of them in certain levels, but I don’t remember which. You should be able to pop this in normal and 100% playthrough though.

Kill 10 enemies with a muggle- I believe the last several characters are all muggles. As long as they don’t have spell abilities, you should be able to use them. Just hit X. Try going to Follow the Spiders and killing the respawning wasps at the very beginning (don’t kill the hive!!). Then, switch to Fang and kill 20 more.

Wonderful WeasleysQuidditch TeamAnimagusDark Wizards

These four are for unlocking and buying particular characters.

The Weasleys include Ron (you already have him), George, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, Percy and Fred.

The Quidditch Team includes Harry (Quidditch), Fred (Quidditch), George (Quidditch), Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, and Katie Bell.

The Animagus are those that can change into an animal with the 2nd selection on the wheel- Sirius Black (dog), Professor McGonagall (cat), Peter Pettigrew (Scabbers, the rat), Rita Skeeter (beetle), and Professor Lupin (werewolf).

Finally, the dark wizards are Quirrell (Voldemort), Tom Riddle, and Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort is achievable only after retrieving all 200 gold bricks. You can then go to Borgin & Brooks down Knockturn Alley, build the golden doorway, then help Grindelwald destroy London. Break EVERYTHING. If there is rubble, you can continue destroying it. Look above as well. All bonuses are nullified here, so you have to earn the studs legitimately.

Ghostly TreasureBuilding BlocksBack in TimeQuiet Please!Defeating the ObjectSolid Snape

Quick QuidditchMultiplierQuirrell QuandaryRole Reversal

Pick up the ghost poop studs the ghosts leave to show you where to get to class, and you’ll get the first.

Go back to Gringott’s bank and do all the tutorials in the 2nd vault to get the second.

After you use the time turner in the story, Hermione can use it on the clocks scattered around the world. The first I used was in the Gryffindor bedroom.

While in the library, turn the volume down to 0 and turn off the music in the options.

Use Quirrell or Quirrell (Voldemort) to kill the troll in story 1-2.

Hide in a barrel as Professor Snape for Solid Snape. I did this at the beginning of the year 4 mission about dragons.

Complete 1-3 A Jinxed Broom in under 5 minutes. You’ll need an animal and a book character, so just grab Hermione and run through. You don’t need to do anything else extra.

Once you have all the red brick multipliers, I think it may be impossible to NOT get 10 million studs in a level.

Kill Quirrell in 1-6 using Lord Voldemort, then take Voldemort to 4-6, get to the boss fight, turn invincibility off, change your partner to Harry, and use Voldemort to Avada Kedavra (green #2 spell) his butt. The end.


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