L.A. Noire Part 1

L.A. Noire

I’ve been playing this one for… about five hours. I’m not rushing it or using a guide for my initial playthrough. I’m sure there will be time to go back and pick up achievements later. I am, however, hopping in every car in the parking lots I wind up in, and jumping in every obviously unique vehicle to make the “Drive one of each of 95 vehicles” achievement.

So we’ve all heard about how awesome this game is when it comes to face graphics. Let me tell you, I was still surprised just how good this game looks. Even walking around feels much more natural than other games I’ve played, even Rockstar’s other epics, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. There are little things I notice about games, like whether feet line up with stairs when your character is climbing. Few games get things like that right, but L.A. Noire even alters your speed and gait to properly scale the numerous stairways in the game. The shift between running and climbing is very intuitive and fluid, all you do is run at your obstacle, and you climb or vault it.

Brawling is nice, and at one point, my partner and I were taking down two fist-fighters. I took down mine, then turned to help him. I was expecting some odd animation stuttering as the bodies tried to line up correctly, but instead I got a glorious kidney punch, followed by a punch to the back of the guy’s head. After that, I grappled him, and actually turned the guy around to properly head-butt him. Color me impressed, Rockstar.

I absolutely love the “menu” format of the notebook. It makes sense, and is well executed. Everything is easily found, and I don’t anticipate having issues jumping back into my game without forgetting what I was doing.

Another good thing I’d like to point out is the Rockstar Download Pass (or something to that extent… I can’t remember the actual name right now). For $10 you can pre-purchase ALL the DLC that will come out for the game. I’m pretty sure it pays for itself with just the DLC that is out for it now. I like that they don’t try to nickel and dime you to death for every outfit you want to buy.

So far, the only complaints are that most of the first four or five females I talked to looked very similar, and everyone has the same hair, and that apparently I suck at discerning lies as much as I suck at telling them in real life. Hopefully I’ll get better with practice.

Don’t forget to track your progress at the social club, check for guides and hints at trueachievements.com, follow @Jennawynn and @RockstarGames on Twitter, and send me an XBox friend request (Jennawynn also).

Tonight’s haul, in the first 5 or so hours: 11 achievements for 165 GS.

Police AcademyOne For The FileThe Plot ThickensA Cop On Every CornerThe Straight DopeThe Shadow

Paved with Good IntentionsAuto EnthusiastGolden BoyStab-RiteKeep A Lid On

Police Academy- complete all Patrol cases. I think there were 4.

One For the File- find a clue. It’s that easy.

A Cop on Every Corner- When driving around, respond to an APB and complete a street case.

The Straight Dope- use evidence to prove a lie. I did this in the first interview.

The Shadow- Tail a suspect without being spotted- did it in the first tail.

Paved with Good Intentions- finish all Traffic cases. I stopped right after the cut-scene following that case.

Auto Enthusiast- drive 5 vehicles. All you have to do is hop inside, and you can get back out. A message should pop up on screen adding the car to your list if you haven’t already “driven” it.

Golden Boy- clear a case finding every clue. Did this on the final case in Traffic with the underage casting call.

Stab-Rite- find the bloody knife at Ray’s on the first sweep. (SPOILER: it’s in the trash can)

Keep a Lid On- complete a brawl without losing your hat. This was the kidney punch fight at the beginning of the last Traffic case.

Overall, I’m sad that I have so much homework to do tomorrow, because I’d love to be in 1940’s L.A. all day.


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