Gaming News 6/2

Duke Nukem Forever has a launch trailer! (Warning- not safe for kids or work…) Head over to G4 to take a look.

The only PlayStation exclusive game I ever got into was Uncharted. God of War just isn’t my style. So when I heard about the Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition, I had to check it out. For a hundred smackeroos, you get the game, a Drake Statue, a replica belt buckle, ring, and necklace, a “Steelbook” case, and traveling chest. There are different pre-order bonuses as well, depending where you pre-order from. Best Buy will give you a regeneration booster, Amazon will let you throw three grenades at once and give you a larger clip (aren’t all “clip”s actually magazines?) for the Para 9 or G-MAL. GameStop lets you turn into a “swarm of deadly creatures” to overwhelm your opponents (wha??) while Wal-Mart will give you an AK-47 mod to call out targets to your squad. Everyone else will have a PSN avatar and static theme. I am not likely to buy this game, let alone pre-order or get the collector’s edition, but I’d say the Amazon deal is probably the best.

Square Enix announced its E3 lineup, but not whether the games will be playable on the floor. (Man I wish I could go to E3…) The games are as follows: Dead Island, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dungeon Siege 3 (which was supposed to be out this week but has slipped to June), Final Fantasy 13-2 (can somebody teach these people how to count sequels?), Heroes of Ruin, Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider, and Wakfu. The only one I personally have any interest in right now is Dungeon Siege, and that’s only a rent on my list.

Saints Row the Third- 11/15/11

(The video is from… overseas… somewhere.)

Age of Empires Online

Here’s a list of tips from G4 on how to be a good L.A. Noire detective!

Been getting more random XBox friend requests, but mostly from my trueachievements leaderboards… go ahead and look me up on XBox or on Twitter, and tell me that you read my blog! The name’s Jennawynn on both.


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