Gaming News 6/1/11

(Originally posted June 1, since then Mass Effect 3 has been moved back to March 2012.)

Now for some interesting news I’ve heard today:

Mass Effect:

I loved both games, my husband didn’t care for the removal of “unlimited ammo” in the second game. Mass Effect 3 is due this year, and looks to be freakin’ awesome… and I haven’t even seen it yet. All I know is that the game will be Shepard’s finale, and the fight will be over Earth with the Reapers. You’ll have to go around solving everyone else’s problems so they are free to help with yours. Tons of decisions made in the first two games will carry over into the third, so if you never finished the first two, get on it! Anyway, there’s a rumor out now that Mass Effect 3 may incorporate the Kinect. There is a picture of the game box with a slogan “Better with Kinect” on it. I’m ok with them adding it with two stipulations: One- all achievements should be obtainable without the Kinect, and two- the Kinect should be optional. Personally, I see the Kinect as a gimmick still. Hell, I still see the Wii as a gimmick. Until it works well enough to really sense what I am doing and translate it to the game suitably, I’m not going to waste my time or money on it. (Though if, perhaps, someone were to give me  a Kinect to facilitate a full trial that may change my opinion, I’m open to testing it out more… lol)

Dragon’s Dogma

I’ve never even heard of this game, or anything like it from Capcom, but the screenshots look pretty nice. May need to rent this one and give it a whirl. The game comes out early next year.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is my most anticipated game, and the only one I was guaranteed to buy this year (until I heard about ME3 and SR3, anyway). I cannot wait, and refuse to do so for another six months. ARGH! I wish they weren’t putting out so much information so I wouldn’t already be drooling. Wait, no I don’t. And there’s new info coming out in the PlayStation Magazine this month. While my PS3 is in another state right now, and I never play it, I may need to pick up this magazine for new information… and the cover art.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Head on over to for a new look at a couple levels of the new game and three screenshots.

Saints Row the Third

Saints Row: The Third Release Date Announced

That’s right. It’s fancy. None of that Saints Row 3 crap. Anyway, the game is supposed to be set in a whole new city (because you ended the last game on top of the hill) with all new over-the-top characters. In fact, you were so successful in SR2 that now you are a “brand,” including reality TV shows about Gat. The game’s release date has just been announced: November 15, 2011.

All in all, with ME3, TES5, MW3, and SR3 coming out in November, that looks like a pretty busy month for me… and then I’ll be moving in December… NOOOOOO!!!!! (Edit: Again, Mass Effect 3 release date has been pushed back to March 2012.)


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