Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New VegasFallout: New Vegas (16/50 complete)

I looked forward to this game right before release, but something about it just didn’t really excite me once I started playing. It was kinda cool to see the stuff in the game that I see traveling the real “Long 15” from San Diego to Vegas all the time. I got about halfway through the main questline and put it down for a long time. Now I’m starting it back up again. Today I earned “G.I. Blues” for completing a mission involving Elvis impersonators who set up a gang in “Freeside,” a sort of Fremont Street to the Strip. I also was banned from gambling in all 3 of the Strip’s casinos by being a badass at blackjack, earning “The Courier Who Broke the Bank”. Having a 9 Luck helped some.

G.I. BluesThe Courier Who Broke the Bank

After being eaten several times by cazadors, trying to figure out how the heck to get to Jacobstown (there’s a road) so I could get Rex fixed, I finally got there. (Yay!)

I’m playing a two-handed rifle sniper specialist, making a transition from guns to energy weapons to get the e-wpn achievement, since I already have the guns one. I have a 9 in luck (critical chance) and perception, and an 8 in agility. I think I may have only a 2 intelligence, and a horrible charisma to boot. I like to sneak around and take headshots so I don’t ever have to get close to bad guys. I’m at level 16 now, with perks that are specific to 2 handed weapons, but not specific to guns or energy weapons. If there’s any interest expressed in the comments, I’ll write a post on the actual build.

Anyhow, I found my 50th location, earning the Walker of the Mojave achievement.

Walker of the Mojave


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