DoomAh, Doom… it’s so old school you half expect your character to speak in “thee”s and “thou”s.

I can’t tell if it’s easier or harder than its great-grandchildren like Call of Duty: Black Ops. Of course, there is little aiming, you can’t look up or down, and the graphics are so bad they’re awesome. On the upside, there’s no real reloading, you can easily dodge the big hitting “bullets” that come in the form of fire or plasma balls, and there is no “random a-hole generator” as a buddy of mine once called it. You can actually run through dungeons and not get completely overwhelmed just because the game wants you to kill everything. On the other hand, when you die, you start over with nothing but a pistol… unless you remembered to save frequently, which I never ever do. So… tonight I was otherwise occupied with Idol, Biggest Loser, the Voice and, of course, the GLEE finale.

EPISODE ONEThis morning, I did get through Episode One, and most of Two tonight, but I died after a trick exit-door turned into a heinous trap, and will have to finish some other time. I’ll have loads of prep-work to do for my first homework assignment of my new class due Thursday, and tomorrow I hope to find out if L.A. Noire will be in my mailbox soon.


EPISODE TWOComplete Episode 2 on Hurt Me Plenty or higher. I’ll be honest. I died three times in the final chapter, but that stupid Cyborg-Demon Lord kept shooting me with rockets, and when he didn’t hit me, he hit the wall behind me, which killed me anyway. Stupid Cyborg-Demon Lords. Oh well, into Hell itself in the next chapter, and maybe I’ll continue Daggerdale soon. Also, one of the CSI games is in the mail, and I already regret it. Hopefully I’ll get LA Noire soon. I want to try it out, then if I like it enough, I may buy it.


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