D&D Daggerdale Part 4

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale D&D: Daggerdale 1 achievement for 15 GS today

I started a level 1 fighter up to get my third character to 10, and managed to find a group that was just heading into the 1st part of the boss fight. I was thrilled… except that I kept dying and couldn’t do any damage. I logged out, and came back with my 10 rogue and we finished the endgame quickly. All you have to do is finish the boss-fight IN A GROUP. You can host the group, but you have to have someone else in the fight with you, or it doesn’t pop.

Thank you for being a friendComplete the Co-op campaign.

If you’re looking for the strategy/walkthrough for the boss fight itself, look for the post labelled “SPOILERS!” or the tag “walkthrough.”

Dungeons & Dragons: DaggerdaleD&D: Daggerdale

While I was out at a family BBQ, I left the game running with a plugged-in controller, and got the 24 hour play time achievement.

Secret Achievement


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