D&D Daggerdale Part 3

Dungeons & Dragons: DaggerdaleGoblin HunterD&D: Daggerdale, 1 achievement for 20 points

The achievement is for killing 1000 goblins, which are mostly located in the beginning stages of the game, and counts across all your playthroughs, so if you don’t get it the first time around, you can pick it up with the next. I also reached level 10 with my second of four characters, the halfling wizard. Turns out you cannot complete the co-op campaign by hosting a game if nobody shows up to help kill the dragon. Pity, but I still have two more characters to get through… and why on earth does everyone play a freakin’ cleric in multiplayer?? I haven’t seen a single rogue yet, and only 2 fighters and a handful of wizards.


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