D&D Daggerdale Part 2

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale

I finished the single player storyline earlier this morning. It’s about 5 hours, if you can figure out the end battles fairly quickly… which I did not.

I finished the game at level 8, but the game spits you back out to grind up to 10 afterwards if you want. Ten is the level cap. I played a little multiplayer, and you can level up much faster that way. I started level 1 with a 6, 7, and 9, and was level 5 within an hour or so. We were in the last battle when connection errors booted me, so I didn’t get the co-op achievement just yet. All you have to do is defeat the final boss to get the achievement, but you can’t see where other games are when you join them. It may be easier to just do local co-op and load the final battle instead. The Big Stick was easily completed by shooting one of the trebuchets during the boss fight. By picking up everything I came across, I got the Man at Arms by the time I hit 10 the first time around. Other than that, I believe the rest are story missions (that I’ve completed). The secret achievements (story based) are still question marks on trueachievements.com, so only a couple pics to show you. Overall, I’d say multiplayer is good, relatively speaking, you can jump in and out whenever you like. The game itself is good for an arcade title, especially if you like WoW or hack and slash. The final fight was one of those God of War/Shadow of the Colossus type fights where it prompts you to┬áhit a particular button. Stupid.

The Big StickMan at ArmsSecret AchievementSecret AchievementSecret AchievementSecret AchievementWelcome to Tethyamar

Just a couple more achievements to get, and I should have CSI: Hard Evidence tomorrow afternoon.


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