D&D Daggerdale Part 1

Today was the release of a new XBox Arcade title, Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. The game can be played single player or up to four player co-op on XBox Live. I believe it can be played with two players on the same screen, but don’t quote me just yet. The game is based on the hack-and-slashy 4.0 edition (which I hate on principle), so everything is about combat. My first character is the elven rogue. Since I’m playing solo, I hardly ever get sneak attacks, and there is no such thing as sneak. I have yet to see any sort of tactics available besides choosing ranged or melee.

I am a 3.5 lover, and one of the main reasons I don’t like 4.0 is because it takes all the fun out of character creation. Creating characters is one of the most entertaining parts of any game, and 4.0 seems to make cookie-cutter characters. This game gives you four options- elven rogue, halfling wizard, human fighter, and dwarven cleric. Besides the fact that these race/class combos seem rather random (I do favor elves for rogues, but going off my own D&D knowledge, I would make the dwarf a fighter, the human a cleric, the elf a wizard, and the halfling (if i HAD to have one) a rogue.), there isn’t much you can do to customize your character. The different abilities and such are pretty much all going to be the same by the end.

The graphics are decent for an arcade game, but there is no voice acting (everything is text), and little sound besides the swish of your sword and the jingle of gold hitting the floor. The inventory seems streamlined so far, and the combat system is pretty basic. X for ranged, A for melee, B for healing potions, LT to bring up the secondary list of abilities for special abilities.

If you like hack and slash quasi-RPGs, this could be a good game for you. If you prefer actual depth and multiple quests to run at a time, it may not.

The game is so new that trueachievements.com doesn’t even have the logos up yet, so no pictures, but I have earned two story-line achievements for 20 GS total today. I’m sure there will be more to come later tonight, after the baby goes to bed, but I thought I’d give you a quick review now.


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