D&D Daggerdale for Parents

D&D Daggerdale is a single player, or up to four person co-op, adventure based on D&D 4.0 rules.

Benefits for your kids:

Physical- hand-eye coordination is always tops on this list.

Emotional/Social- as a cooperative game, social skills are learned by playing with others, and perhaps leadership if your child decides to take control of the party.

Mental- decision making is a small part as you must decide whether to do side quests or just power through the main campaign. You also have to weigh the benefits of your equipment against your new equipment to determine which is the best to wear. There is little in the way of logic as far as strategy. Most characters will wind up with the same abilities and moves as others of their class. All the classes are combat-oriented, so there is little real difference between them.

Reading- not much to speak of.

Math- financial responsibility comes into play when saving up for that new piece of gear you want to buy. How much of your current gear are you willing to sell for the cash?

History/civics/politics- none to speak of.

Difficulty- the end fight is particularly bad at really showing what you are supposed to do to win, but see the post titled SPOILERS to find a walkthrough on the final battle.


Profanity- none that I recall

Violence- the game is based around killing goblins and crazed dwarves. There is blood.

Nudity- none.

Overall: The game is glitchy and exactly the same on every playthrough. I’m not a big fan of 4.0 rules because, in my opinion, it ruins what was great about 3.5- character customization. For new fans of the franchise or people who like the WoW feel of 4.0, it may be worth the $10 price tag. This game ranks at about PG-13 rating, which is about where the ESRB puts it- T for Teen.


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