CSI Hard Evidence

CSI: Hard EvidenceCase 1 - "Burning for You"Case 2 - "Double Down"Case 3 - "Shock Rock"CSI: Hard Evidence, 3 achievements for 600 GS

So if you like searching your screen for the chance for your cursor to change and trying to solve logic puzzles (fairly easy ones), and you are a fan of the original CSI series, this game actually isn’t too bad. You have to not stare at the characters while they talk because it’s hard to find any game that has realistic talking people (still haven’t played LA Noire). The characters are passable imitations of the TV characters, but body proportions are a bit off. They are almost caricatures of the actors in physical form. However, the actors are actually the voice actors for the game, so there is a bit of credibility there. While out on one of the five cases, you can pick up bugs for Grissom’s collection, talk to Brass to get a warrant, and listen to the semi-witty puns and punchlines passed around just like on the show. To get the achievements, all you have to do is finish the case, with any rating, whether you use hints or not. You don’t have to find all the bugs, you don’t have to even do well. Two hundred GS a pop, 5 missions, this could be the easiest thousand you ever get, and the game isn’t horrible itself. Dated, yes, but playable. I may put the other two back on my Gamefly list. (Think L.A. Noire without the naked bodies, open world, guns, and cars.)

Yikes! Turns out doing the walkthrough for the Daggerdale final boss fight has made my popularity soar! 83 views just “today” (it’s after midnight, so yesterday, really) which takes me up to a handful under 300 total. Not bad for a week and a half, huh?


CSI: Hard EvidenceCSI: Hard Evidence total 5/5 achievements for 1000GS

I finished this one today. All in all, I kinda liked it. There was even a nice twist in the last case as some former persons of interest were involved, and an even nicer twist in the motive of the last case. Like I said before, the game is a bit dated, graphics and script-wise. For instance, we use a PDA, Grissom is in charge, and Warrick is alive! If you’re a fan of the series, or an achievement whore, like me, it’s definitely worth a rent. Easy 1000GS.

Case 1 - "Burning for You"Case 2 - "Double Down"Case 3 - "Shock Rock"Case 4 - "In Your Eyes"Case 5 - "The Peacemaker"


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