Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black OpsCall of Duty: Black Ops (25/50 complete):

Black Ops is your standard Call of Duty game. Over the top violence, explosions, plot line, everything. This one is set in the 60s, going through some parts leading up to Vietnam, and some in the Vietnam War itself. There is one particularly awesome scene where you are getting briefed in the back of a topless Jeep, when you are suddenly dodging a whole freakin’ airplane careening in pieces down the runway at you. That level was probably the hardest one of all in Veteran. If you’ve played it, you’d remember from trying to get down a hill being shot at from eight different directions so you can knife a barrel of napalm. Why not just shoot it??

I earned a lot of achievements in this one over the last three days. I completed the game on Veteran difficulty all the way through earning achievements like BLACK OP MASTER, Burn Notice, Stand Down, Down and Dirty, Up close and personal, Raining Pain, Some wounds never heal, It’s your funeral, No Leaks, I hate monkeys, The Dragon Within, etc. I also got the cheesy achievements from escaping the chair at the menu screen- Just ask me nicely, and Eaten by a Grue. There are still quite a few to go, like killing 3 enemies with one bullet, or finding all the hidden intel, but I’m a little burned out on this one for now. I feel like I’ve been playing it non-stop for 3 days.

BLACK OP MASTERBurn NoticeStand DownDown and DirtyUp close and personalRaining PainSome wounds never healBroken EnglishSOG RulesIt's your funeralNever get off the boatNo LeaksNot TodayI hate monkeysEaten by a GrueClarityThe Dragon WithinLooks don't countJust ask me nicelyCold WarriorA safer place


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