Braid 1

BraidBraid (11/12 complete):

Cute little game. You can see a lot of Mario influence. It’s a little red-headed guy in a suit running around a platform-rich environment (awesome graphics, by the way), stomping on odd shaped guys, and getting to the end of a level only to be told “The princess is in another castle.” The key concept of the game is time control. You start out with the ability to rewind time (only one life, you just rewind if you die), then you learn about the green aura which rewinds everything but what is green. Eventually, you get a ring which causes everything in a certain radius to go slow-motion. There is a lot of puzzle-solving, and some hair-pulling to go along with it, but if you like platforms and puzzles, this is a good one.

I earned “Traversed World 4,” “Solved World 4,” “Traversed World 5,” “Solved World 5,” “Solved World 2,” “Solved World 3,” “Traversed World 6,” “Solved World 6,” and “Closure.” The only achievement I have left on this game is “Speed Run” for playing the game from start to finish in only 45 minutes. After getting hung up on a couple puzzles, I got frustrated and stopped. I’ll get back to it eventually.

Traversed World 4Traversed World 5Solved World 4Solved World 5Solved World 2Solved World 3Traversed World 6Solved World 6Closure


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