Alchemy (and for parents)

Another Google App I found enjoyable today- Alchemy. Some of the reviewers say it is a rip-off of Doodle God at another free online play website, but I found Doodle God’s layout to be more obnoxious, since it backs you completely out of the setup every time you create a new element. However, Doodle God did have some more interesting elements than I have found so far in alchemy, like Elementals. Both games have golems and zombies.

Here are some elements for Alchemy to get you started:

fire and mud make brick
earth and rain make plant
fire and dust make gunpowder
fire and gunpowder make explosion
energy and explosion make atomic bomb
glass and sand make hourglass and time
electricity and time make clock

Maybe eventually I’ll put up the whole list, but I’m only about a quarter through all 200 of the elements. It’s a simple game that can be boiled down to trial and error, but can get you thinking as well.  Plus, it’s free.


Physical: none

Emotional/Social: Creativity with designs, but limited, since the combinations are pre-determined and all combinations should be possible through simple trial and error.

Mental: This could be approached as a logic puzzle. There are a finite number of possibilities, so by testing each one, you can find all the options.

Reading/Math/History/Civics/Politics: none

Morals: none

Profanity: None

Violence- you can make explosions, guns, and swords, but do not use them.

Nudity- none

lawlessness- none

As far as I see, unless there is an element I haven’t seen that you wouldn’t want to explain to your kids, this is relatively wholesome fun… for free. Some images are not drawn on the cards, but overall it is cute, simple, and addictive for the cost… have I mentioned it’s free? It’s also available free on your Droid from the Android Market, but it is a bit cramped on a phone screen.


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