Red Faction Part 1


Dev: Volition, Inc.
Publisher: THQ, Syfy Games
Platforms: Windows, PS3, 360
Genre: 3rd person shooter
Single player, Multiplayer

Game review: So far, I’m enjoying the game. I think if I had played other Red Faction games, I might have a better idea about what is going on, but I’m ok with just blasting some alien bugs. There is an interesting GPS feature that will constantly show you the “right direction” to go so you don’t get turned around in the caves. This is a great help to those who are directionally-challenged, like myself. My favorite weapon so far is the magnet gun, which has made an appearance in many other games, I believe starting with Duke Nukem. You shoot one magnet at your enemy and another magnet at a wall and watch them fly. You can also use this to tear down walls or send enemies flying at each other. This is very helpful with the larger bosses and to send big baddies farther away from you to have more time to fight.

So far, I have purchased Fast Hands, Enemy Health Indicator, More HEalth, and Autopsy. I recommend Autopsy as soon as you can get it (Tier 2) so that you can get salvage more quickly to purchase other items.

Excavator level:

I had one heck of a time with this part on Insane. Make sure you have the grenade launcher. Every time you respawn here, you’ll have to use the Upgrade panel again, so don’t forget! When you first start, chuck a grenade to the right to take out the little guys. Use the grenade launcher and magnet gun to deal with the two bigger targets to the left. More medium sized guys will show up at the mouth of the tunnel, so use the grenade launcher on them too. Use LB to recreate your cover if you lose it, and don’t stop moving, if you can. Keep strafing side to side to stay out of the enemy’s targets. Be careful about shooting those grenades also. If you shoot too close, you’ll blow yourself up too. More bad guys (red and blue) will be hanging on the wall as you go by, so when anyone gets close, hit them with Impact (RB) and blow them up too. It’s not an incredibly long trip, and hopefully you’ll hear Mason start asking SAM where you’re going. Hold out that long, and you’ll hit a checkpoint. I seriously spent over an hour here on Insane. It’s the only part that has really caused me to become frustrated. Hopefully this helps.

Red Faction: ArmageddonMy haul for tonight: 7 achievements for 85 GS (total 22,182)

Secrets Long BuriedWe're Not AloneUnto The BreachVanguard

These four are for completing story missions.

It's All In The WristBoom Goes The DynamiteMartian Matchmaker

The first, use RB on a lighter enemy when you are in a relatively open space to send him 30′ on Impact. The second, kill 2 enemies with a single exploding Berserker- I’m really not sure how I unlocked this :). Finally, the third is to hit two enemies with magnets using the magnet gun and make them fly into each other.


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